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Sunburst Memorials
Memorial Options
Other pieces can be added to the monument to enhance the story of a life. Following are a few options.

Custom art work
Our staff designers are specifically trained to work with granite. Some with over 30 years experience. Many techniques for other art forms are not possible with such a hard, durable medium. Custom shapes and finishes, floral designs, hunting and fishing scenes, and emblems for the importance of duty, God or County are skilllfully drawn. We want to enhance the overall design concepts and the color and tone of the chosen granite. We also can use Etchings and laser etchings to provide minute detail.

Vases and Planters
A fresh floral bouquet is often the preferred gift to leave when visiting a loved one at the cemetery. We can provide many options in granite, marble, bronze, and other metals.

Bronze Markers
Flat markers are required in certain cemeteries. Some people prefer the metal over granite. We have suppliers that can cast a grass marker with the custom features we request. Our Memorial Representatives or Authorized Dealer can go through the specific differences in design work between granite and bronze.

Figural or sculpture pieces can tell a part of a person’s story. Mainly bronze or other metals are the most durable, but white marble is very popular.

Benches and Seats
The invitation to sit and relax is often the reason benches are installed in public places. They often are commemorative and gives someone a place to rest and contemplate. The cemetery monument bench can provide that same invitation.

Pet Memorials
To many, losing a pet is a highly emotional event. A wish for a memorial to their memory and the joy they brought us is only a natural extension of the grief process.

Garden Memorials
A rustic piece of granite, be it a bench, a stepping stone, a poem or a memorial is and looks at home in a garden. Landscaping does include “hard scape” to add dimension and interest.

Just as a cemetery memorial is intended to mark a place, and tell a story, so does a Commercial Sign. Granite being one of the most durable materials makes it a must for consideration. Parks, cemeteries, Churches, apartments, and business sites, are some of the locations that have decided on this tough durable, but very custom material.

Please contact us about:
  • Porcelain photos with or without frames
  • Solar powered lights and crosses
  • Candle holders
  • Flag holders
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